"Hailing from a place where music is so deeply connected to the culture, Mooney’s musical heritage is of blues, rock, soul, and country." – Kings of A&R


“Mooney makes certifiable radio ready pop music that will appeal to a large demographic. All of the music on this EP is accessible and contains aesthetics you might think of when talking about a Billboard top 40 hit.”  The Equal Ground


“He and his band are just so enjoyable to watch. They have fun on stage, so the audience has a great time simply by being a part of the experience... Fresh off of an EP release, and with an obviously strong fan-base in Memphis, I am so glad to have had the opportunity to see this stellar artist play such a wonderful show."     901 Music

 “Sam Mooney has star potential and icon qualities about himself, his brand, and his music. “Time Bomb” is the perfect example that can support these claims!” - Buzz Music


“Nearly two years after his #1-selling iTunes debut, Brookhaven, MS, indie Pop/Rock wunderkind Sam Mooney is back with his sophomore effort Find My Way, and I am ecstatic to report it's been well worth the wait.” – Southern Senses


“Clearly grounded in pop he fearlessly experiments with soul, jazz and funk. He has already struck the right notes and with this six record compilation has assured himself a well-deserved place in the indie music world.” – WordKrapht


"Song writer and musician Sam Mooney put every ounce of his energy into completing his first album, 'Somewhere in Between,' over the past summer, and his hard work has paid off." – The Daily Leader

"Not only is he a talented artist, he is also one of the most authentic guys you will ever meet." – Bryson Hatfield


"'Find My Way,' puts his piano out in the forefront of the album, which is a blissful blend of old-school pop music tinged with gospel and Southern charm." - The Clarion Ledger


“From the honeyed keys of the piano, to the melodic strings of the guitar, or even to his edgy, raspy, and soothing falsetto notes, “Time Bomb” is an emotional and dynamic single that can lyrically touch and intrigue its listeners…” - Buzz Music