Time Bomb

My first full-length album, “Time Bomb” is available everywhere now!

I hope these songs will find a special place in your life. I hope the happy songs bring you joy, the sad ones make you feel understood, and the groovy ones make you wanna dance.

I’m so blessed to get to make music for a living at this season in my life. Thank you for giving me the best job in the world! I hope this record is a sweet gift back to you.❤️

Listen to the album on Spotify here and Apple Music here!

Time Bomb Album Art FINAL.jpg

This Fall

FRIENDS: On an icy day this past January, I set out to capture something special. I had a lot of songs, ideas and thoughts that had accumulated over the past months/years and I wanted to get them out into the world. I recruited some of the best musicians I know to join the search with me. This fall, what we found over the last several months will be yours. This is an album about love and heartbreak, faith and fear, coffee and time bombs. It’s the deepest dive I’ve ever taken as a writer or a musician, and that scares me and excites me at the same time. I think that’s a good balance of emotions for a creative to have. I can’t wait to share it all with you. It’s only because of you that I’ve been able to do this! More soon. 

Love, Sam


The Southern Starlight Tour

I am so excited to announce the Southern Starlight Tour! 

I'll be traveling across the south this month playing ten shows across six states! New cities, new songs, new merchandise and more. It's going to be a ton of fun! Additionally, the tour will consist of solo, acoustic, and full band shows. That means if you come to multiple shows you may hear an entirely different set each time! 

I'll soon be posting the new merch items on my social media accounts, so follow those if you want to know when/how to get your favorite items! 

I don't want to get ahead of myself too much, but I'll go ahead and tell you that my current intent is to line up more great shows for the fall and extend the tour into the autumn months! So be on the lookout for dates for the second leg of the Southern Starlight Tour and let us know what cities you'd like to see us perform in! 

These next few months are going to be awesome. Grab a friend and we'll see you at a show! 

For now, here is the full lineup for the summer leg of the Southern Starlight Tour:

Hattiesburg, MS - 7/7 - Acoustic

Memphis, TN - 7/15 - Acoustic

Little Rock, AR - 7/21 - Solo

Birmingham, AL - 7/22 - Solo

New Orleans, LA - 7/25 - Solo

Mobile, AL - 7/26 - Solo

Baton Rouge, LA - 7/27 - Solo

Jackson, MS - 8/3 - Full Band

Pensacola, FL - 8/4 - Solo

Pensacola, FL - 8/5 - Solo

Summer Plans

Hello, friends!

I hope you're all doing well! I realize that I haven't brought you up to speed on my musical endeavors lately, so we have a lot to catch up on. The most important info I have to share, however, is that I'll be hitting the road for a little tour in the southeast this summer! I'll also be working on my first full-length album, which has me very excited.

A few weeks ago, I finished my junior year of college at Ole Miss. It was a challenging but awesome year, and I can now officially say I'll never have to take another Spanish class again! (Super pumped about that. I'm bad at foreign languages, although I wish I wasn't.) 

I've had some exciting developments with my music this spring, not the least of which were some very fun spring shows! Additionally, my number of online listeners is at an all-time high and going up! While the numbers are small compared to some artists, it's been inspiring to see that my music is being heard in cities and countries around the world that I've never visited. I want to travel and see those places one day, but it's cool to think that in small some way, I've already been there through my music. Wow, I'm getting WAY too deep right now! 

Looking ahead, Summer 2017 has big things in store! After a few fun trips and a little time off to experience some new adventures/places, I will be hitting the road in July/August to play shows across the southeast. We'll have a few big full-band shows as well as several intimate acoustic gigs. The tour will visit some of my favorite venues and cities but will also include my first shows in a number of new towns! The fall has some big things in store as well, I just can't announce them yet!

I'll begin announcing the summer shows one at a time starting next week, so be on the lookout to see if we're coming to your town! 

I've written the majority of my next album, and I am so excited to share the new songs with you! I truly believe this group of new songs may have the most potential of any crop of songs I've ever written. When the time comes, I'm so excited to see how they come to life in the studio. The logistics and details are still being worked out, but my hope is to break ground on the recording process late this summer!

I released videos of acoustic versions of "Find My Way" and "Name" this spring, and I will soon be releasing another video! I won't give it away yet, but your hint is that it's a piano arrangement of one of my favorite John Mayer songs. 

In summary, spring was fun, lots of shows coming up this summer, and new music is on the horizon! 

As always, thank you so much for the continued support of my music career.

Till next time, take care and enjoy the start of your summer! I'll see you at a show!


Autumn weather, fall shows, and the Mississippi Music Hour

Hello, friends! I hope you're doing well and enjoying the return of college football and cooler weather. After another awesome summer of traveling and playing music, I am back on the school grind in Oxford. While I am enrolled in a remarkably busy 19 hours, that doesn't mean I'm not working on music! We've already kicked off the fall with some very fun shows, and we have lots of big dates coming up in the near future. One particularly exciting opportunity I've gotten will be opening for Judah & the Lion on October 27th at MSU Amphitheater! If you're anywhere near there, don't miss that one. I've felt very blessed lately as I've been able to watch my calendar largely fill up on it's own as I've received a high volume of gig offers. I'm quite thankful for that! 

Aside from shows, writing new songs, and school, I'm also excited to return to Rebel Radio to host my third season of the Mississippi Music Hour! As always, I'll be playing your favorite Mississippi artists, and I have some great musicians lined up to appear on the show, as well! You can hear the show every Thursday at 11AM on 92.1FM if you're local or you can listen from anywhere on myrebelradio.com. I've also created a Spotify playlist with a number of the songs that I feature on the show regularly. So be sure to check out the "Mississippi Music Hour" playlist on my Spotify page to support some great homegrown talent!

I guess that's all for now! As always, thanks for the continued support of my music. For more frequent updates, be sure to follow me on social media!

Facebook: Sam Mooney Music  -  Twitter: @sammooneymusic  -  Instagram: @sam_mooney

Spring Recap and Summer Update

Wow, a LOT has happened since I last updated the news section on here! I need to get better about updating this. That being said, if you’re wanting more frequent updates on my music, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That’s where I post the most! (That rhymes.) 

Since most of you who will read this probably follow me on those platforms anyway, you already know that I have released the new EP, gone on a spring tour, and had a heck of a time! It’s been crazy. If you’re thinking about trying to have a music career while also being a full-time college student, I would advise you not to rush into that decision. It’s easier said than done! That being said, I wouldn’t trade where I am for the world, and while it’s been challenging, this past spring has been an incredibly rewarding time. Find My Way charted in the Top 10 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Albums Chart, peaking at #8! It also reached #3 on the Singer/Songwriter EP Chart! It was a fantastic release. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word! 

The Mississippi in the Spring Tour was equally amazing. The band and I performed at several venues I’d been dreaming of playing in for years, as well as some of the state’s premier festivals. There were so many awesome moments. I’ll never forget walking onto the stage in Oxford to a completely packed-out venue full of friends and classmates alike. Proud Larry’s was the venue I had aspired to headline ever since I got to Oxford, so to finally see that dream become a reality with so many people I love in the building was amazing. Starkville was amazing in a different way, as we walked out to a huge crowd of mostly new faces! Hattiesburg and both of the Jackson shows were a blast, and the Duling Hall show was filmed for an episode of MPB’s Amped and Wired that will air later this year! Brookhaven, my hometown, was a special show as always. Recess 101 was the venue where I really began to come out of my shell as a performer, so to return and play for a room full of hometown friends was a tour highlight for sure. We closed the tour at Riverstock in Natchez where the stage overlooked the mighty Mississippi River! Perhaps the highlight of Riverstock for me was when Green River Ordinance called me up on stage to sing some harmonies on “Free Falling” with them! I have listened to them since high school, so to sing with them on stage several years later was a very tangible reminder of how blessed I’ve been in my music career so far. Those are just a few of the highlights, but every show on the tour was memorable and special! A huge thank you to the crowds, venues, openers, and my band for making the Mississippi in the Spring Tour a time that I’ll never forget.

Now, on to the main point of writing this post, which is updating you on my summer plan! This summer I’m touring the southern United States playing solo shows! (Although the legendary Will Walker will occasionally join me on guitar.) I’m six shows into the summer tour now, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. Follow me on the Bandsintown App to be notified when I come near you! This fall, the band and I will get back into the swing of things with a number of full-band shows, so keep checking back for those dates! We have some really cool things in store. 

So yeah, things are good! As always, thank you for your continued support of what I do. Maybe it’s because of all this time I have on the road now to think about my career, but I’ve been feeling especially thankful that I get to do what I do lately. It couldn’t happen without a supportive following, and I thank you so much for being a part of that. 

I hope you’re having a great summer and I hope I’ll see you at a show soon! 

Mississippi Music Hour

I'm excited to return to Rebel Radio this spring to host the Mississippi Music Hour! Like last fall, the show will air every Tuesday and Thursday from 11AM-12PM CT. If you're in the Oxford area, you can hear the show on 92.1 or you can stream it from anywhere on myrebelradio.com. I already have some great guests lined up for this spring, so it should be fun! If you have any song requests, tweet me anytime @sammooneymusic

I had an awesome time hosting the show last fall, and I can't wait to do it again!